Man & Yosemite


Amazingly enough, Yosemite Valley was never visited by white men until after the invention of photography, with the result that from the very beginning there has existed an almost continuous photographic record with this gentle wilderness.

Man & Yosemite is an account of the early history of Yosemite as it can be interpreted through historical photographs of the time. You watch as forests overrun meadows, and as people arrive, bearing rifles or cameras, wagons or motorcycles. Taken together, these pictures form a perspective of things gained or lost, of moments forgotten, and of changes that – like the growth of a forest – pass to slowly for us to see.

As a photographer myself, I take satisfaction as well in studying the photographs as photographs, watching as the increasing technical capabilities of the medium subtly alter the artists’ visual sense – and by extension our sense – of what constitutes the “real” Yosemite.

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