The View from the Studio Door

In Art & Fear, David Bayles and I took a really close look the obstacles that artists encounter each time they enter their studio and stand before a new blank canvas.

In The View From The Studio Door I’ve tried to confront many broader issues that stand to either side of that artistic moment of truth.

Issues like:

  • What are we really doing when we make art?
  • For that matter, what is art, anyway?
  • Is there art after graduation?
  • How do we find our place in the artistic community?

These are questions that count, because when it comes to artmaking, theory & practice are always intertwined. Simply put, this is a book of practical philosophy – written by, and for, working artists.

Individual signed copies of The View may be obtained for $12 (which includes tax & shipping) by writing the author directly:

Ted Orland
1017 Seabright Ave
Santa Cruz CA 95062

Bookstore orders, and requests for instructor’s desk copies, are processed by our distributor:

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution
1045 Westgate Drive, Suite 90
Saint Paul, MN 55114-1065
Phone: (800) 283-3572

A special note for readers of The View

If you’ve already read The View, I’d love to get your feedback — comments, theories, criticism, counter-arguments, ideas, stories and anything else you’d like to offer. My hope is to incorporate such insights from readers into future printings, either as sidebars or as revisions to the text itself. If I find a sentence or passage from you that I’d like to quote, I’ll contact you for permission.

But oh, I should also note that even though I’m actively seeking feedback, I personally lead a very hermit-like existence and rarely answer incoming email (except to offer a simple thank you). Perhaps I’m selfish, but I’ve discovered the hard way that if I’m not careful I find myself being eaten alive – timewise – by the computer.

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